Jan Willem Bosman Jansen:
Co-founder of TV Matters which produced high end music specials for PBS stations and held a Library of more than 200 Classic American Feature Films.
Co founder of Ignite Films which took over the Film holdings and assets of TV Matters in 2005.
IGNITE FILMS has more than 20 years of broad experience in the restoration, marketing and distribution of (American) Classic Film. Formerly known as TV Matters, IGNITE owns, maintains and sells media rights to more than 200 Classic titles world-wide. From 1996, the company had significantly upgraded over 100 Classic films from its Digital Library through digital wetgate transfer from film to tape, color correction and digital audio and video restoration.
Starting in 2004, IGNITE FILMS began the exciting transition to High Definition standard; performing film transfers from the original film elements (held at UCLA Film & Television Archives) of its Select Features Library. IGNITE is dedicated to the films of the past and committed to using the best technology available to present them far into the future!